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Buying When Posted to CFB Edmonton

Buying a Home in Edmonton

Congratulations! You are posted to Edmonton commonly known as Steele Barracks. You'll be joining the ranks of many DND members with their families which Mike helped.

When moving to the Edmonton Area for your HHT, I will:

  1. Contact you by phone to ascertain what you need and what you want in your new home.
  2. Mail you a relocation package with information on real estate, city maps, schools, recreation facilities, public transit and any other information you require to familiarize yourself with your new city.
  3. Assist you with hotel and car rental selection for your house hunting trip (HHT) if requested.
  4. Work only with you during your House Hunting Trip so you receive the attention you need to find your new home.
  5. Assist you with selection of a lawyer, home inspector and any other professionals needed. They will be approved IRP suppliers and follow all IRP procedures. A copy of your purchase contract will be forwarded to your IRP representative.
  6. Provide you with contacts such as family doctor, dentist, insurance broker and home repair contractors.

I know that house hunting trips are short and require quick decisions. Mike has helped many families make these moves and are organized to make the process an easy one for you.

Please contact Mike if you have any questions about buying a home in the C.F.B. Edmonton & area.

House Hunting Trip Check List

  • Bring the contact information for your lender (phone & fax) or ask Mike for suggestions for local mortgage specialists/brokers. Using a local lender may be more effective if you are under time constraints to fulfill your financing condition during the HHT and may also SAVE you money! Being Pre-approved helps you establish parameters.

If you want to shop for a lender on the HHT bring along:

  • A valid copy of your posting message.
  • A copy of your most recent mid-month pay statement showing all entitlements and deductions.
  • Proof of down payment. This should be either a copy of your current bank statement or bank book, or if your funds are in an RRSP, Term Deposit, Mutual Funds or some other form of investment, be sure and bring a statement showing all the particulars.

If the down payment is coming from the equity in your present home please bring:

  • a copy of your most recent mortgage statement showing, the balance outstanding, the term, monthly payments, interest rate etc.
  • If your home has sold but the sale has not yet been completed be sure and bring a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale, plus copies of any amendments showing the removal of all "subject to conditions".

Posted in 2019 EdmontonIf you have any outstanding personal obligations such as car loans, credit card balances etc. please be sure and bring statements showing your current balance and repayment schedule.

Send the MLS #’s of the homes you want to visit to us prior to your arrival for us to review and comment on. This will make more efficient use of your time while on your HHT.

Advise Mike of any special housing requirements you may have prior to arrival. IE special school or medical needs, if you require high speed internet, day-care, or have second language concerns etc. Bring along your video or digital camera to take images of the home you purchase, however keep in mind you need the home owners permission to take photos/videos of their home.

Deposit: Contracts of Purchase and Sale usually require a deposit. The amount of the deposit varies. IE: $1000.00 could be the minimum or it could be as much as 2-3% of the purchase price. 

Mike is a good source for local IRP approved (as applicable) experts, ie: Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Contractors, etc.

If applicable, have your spouse bring along their resume to leave with potential employers. Mike can suggest a hotel that is of good quality and in a convenient location. Keep a short list of 3 homes in your mind and put the remaining homes on a “B List” or reject the home all together. This will make your search less confusing. Bring slip-on shoes to get in and out of homes quicker. If required, look for Doctors, Orthodontists etc while on your HHT. Set-up mail, phone, utility hook-ups etc if time permits If you are bringing younger children along you may want to arrange for babysitting for evening showings and for the time when you will be reviewing and signing documentation.