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DND & RCMP Success Stories & Testimonials

My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you. See what my D.N.D. & RCMP clients have said about my Real Estate services.


Mike Muranetz was a very good Realtor for us to use. We were a military family relocating to the Edmonton area and with Mike being ex-military, he knew the area around the base, the commutes to and from the base, and what amenities each town had to offer. He listened to our needs and wants, then put together a concise collection of homes for us to look through. This enabled us to choose a home that suited our desires within the limited time constraints of our house hunting trip and still have extra time to register the kids for school etc... All in all, a very satisfying buying experience. (*Please Note* They were Mike's very first clients when they was posted in from Shilo, MB in March of 2005)
~ Sgt Ben & Lisa O.

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We wish to bring to your attention someone we believe to be a shining star in your organization. His name is Mike Muranetz and he is an agent in your Edmonton office. Although we are a military family, we have been fortunate in that we have only been posted once before in my husband's 17-year career. At that time we didn't have a home to sell or buy, so when we received our posting message for Edmonton we were filled with apprehension. We were about to uproot our family (we have two sons who are 9 and 12 years old) and move halfway across the country to a community we knew nothing about.

Then a friend of ours, who was also posted to Edmonton, returned from his house hunting trip with a package of information from his Realtor for us. He told us that Mike had done an excellent job of helping his family find a home, and suggested we give him a call.

I contacted Mike via email and he called me back promptly. He listened to me ramble on about what we were looking for in a house, and then explained that he had recently retired from the military and was familiar with the ins and outs of house hunting trips and the Canadian Forces' relocation procedures. I immediately felt like we were in good hands.

By the time we arrived in Edmonton for our house hunting trip, Mike had researched and compiled a list of dozens of homes for us to look at. We hit the ground running and within 48 hours had found the home we would eventually purchase. Mike spent those two days exclusively with us, helping us rate the homes we looked at with a critical eye, and offering us advice about each home. Mike lead us through the maze of forms and legal agreements and through it all was patient and understanding as we made a huge decision that would affect the next five years of our lives.

Thanks to Mike's background in the military, he was also understanding of the needs of a military couple who are under intense pressure to find a house in a very short period of time. He and his wife Susan, having gone through the same process themselves several times, were able to empathize with us and offer their support in ways that only military families can. They even offered us advice about schools, shopping and community services.

In closing, we would like to note that Mike Muranetz, although he is still a rookie, provided us with first class service and helped us feel confident in our home-buying experience. We highly recommend Mike's services to anyone who is buying a home in the Edmonton area. We can't thank him enough for everything he did for us during our week long stay. Mike Muranetz is first-class all the way!

~MCpl Clayton & Gina M.

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Just wanted to say thank-you for all your hard work, in helping us sell our home. Your advice and direction made it all a breeze. Thank-you for the referral for a real estate agent in NB. She was awesome. If we ever have to move back to Alberta we will be sure to give you a call. Thank-you again.

~MCpl Richard and Julie C.

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We were very pleased with Mike's efforts with the sale of our house. Our house was sold within three months in a slow market by his hard work. Since we have all been members of the Military, it seemed like he was part of our family and wanted the best for us. We're very glad we had him representing our interests and would sincerely recommend him to others. I hope he will still be in the business for many years, as he is the agent we would choose to sell our current house.

~MWO (Retired) Ruth & Larry K.

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A very professional and knowledgeable real estate team. They where always on time and kept you informed of what was going on. I will definitely use them when its time to move again.

~Sgt Jason F

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On behalf of our Headquarters Company, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your generous donations to the soldiers of the Third Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, for our annual Christmas Party held on 5 December 2008. With our troops having undergone another busy year, including a deployment to Afghanistan, the Christmas party was a great opportunity for our soldiers and their families to relax and enjoy a stress-free environment.

Your donations, along with several others from the local business community, were given away through a raffle during the party. Our soldiers were extremely impressed with your generous gifts and they were a major factor in the lifting of spirits over the holidays. Indeed, the level of support that you demonstrated surpassed our expectations. Once again, you have proven that remains one of the largest national supporters of Canadian soldiers. The winners will proudly enjoy the board games entertainment, and will always remember it as a gift from those whom we serve. On behalf of all ranks of Headquarters Company, 3 PPCLI, please accept our sincere thanks for your valuable and commendable actions.

~Supporting the Troops at Christmas
Major Officer Commanding

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I would like to recommend Mike to any prospective buyers and sellers.

He were always on hand to guide us through the sale of our home. We had a short time line, before our big move to Germany and therefore, we were extremely motivated as the house had to sell before we left the country. He insured that we were always kept informed on the progress of our sell, even during our house hunting trip overseas. In order to keep the market interested during a time of mass inventory, Mike changed our strategy continuously as the market dictated, which enabled us to get top dollar in a buyers market.

To all perspective buyers and sellers, you can not go wrong with this professional Realtor.

To Mike, thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication during this stressful period.Thanks again.

~Sgt (Retired) Pascal & Anushka C.

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When I was ready and decided it was time to sell my home and upgrade to a new one, I immediately thought of and called upon Mike. He is a real estate agent who really knows how to assist clients, and identify their needs in buying and selling a home. He continually strives to stay informed of real estate and market changes. He fully understand the tools of the industry to buy and sell a home and employ all techniques required to do so. This also affords him the ability to give clients highly informed suggestions of how to market their home and their knowledge of real estate assists them in answering many questions clients may have. He truly understands loyalty and dedication to his clients and is extremely dependable. Mike is an agent who works hard for his clients. Whether it is educating his clients on the sale or purchase of a home, employing selling and buying techniques, or informing clients of changes, he does so timely and with vigor. Anyone who wishes to buy or sell a home in the competitive market of today can be assured that Mike will fulfill these needs and meet all expectations to do so.

~WO (Retired) Scott H. & Rita W.

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We met Mike three years ago during a very stressful time in our life as we moved from Petawawa to Edmonton. As a Military family, our time was limited to purchase a home and Mike was there with us day and night until we finalized the purchase. He was dedicated and persevered during a difficult time in the housing market. Mike had a calm demeanor and found a home which met all our needs and wants.

Three years later, as the needs of our family grew, Mike once again became a calming force during the sale and purchase of our new home. Only this time he had an amazing partner, Audrey. We were extremely happy and grateful for the hard work they put in to the sale of our home. They always kept us abreast of the ever-changing market through the website and e-mails. The marketing strategies they implemented were innovative and provided us with many different ways for potential buyers to view our home. The talking house, virtual tour and viewer feedback are features that were almost unheard of from other agents within the city. Once our home was sold and we started looking for a new home, we quickly discovered how much further ahead Mike and Audrey were then their competitors with the quality and number of pictures that were used in their listings. They make an amazing team! Someone was always available to answer our questions and to show us properties. We were never disappointed.

Even when the money had changed hands and we were settled into our home, Mike and Audrey remained in contact through monthly newsletters and has always been available to answer any questions we may have had. These points may not seem like much but coming from a different part of the country, a friendly face in this big city can be hard to find.

We would recommend Mike to anyone wanting to sell or purchase a new home.

~WO Lenny & Amanda P.

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Mike and Audrey worked as a team to help us find our new home on an RCMP relocation. Mike and Audrey demonstrated a knowledge of the local market and worked diligently with us over several months to find us a home and went above and beyond what we expected. Mike demonstrated commitment to the home search was also available to help answer any questions and assist even after we'd moved into our home. We would recommend Mike and Audrey to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Edmonton area.

Thanks for all your hard work.

~Sgt (RCMP) Malcolm & Cheryl M.

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Mike Muranetz was very thorough in assisting us find the right house as first time home buyers. Working from our list of desires and our budget he showed us in excess of 20 houses before taking us to a surprise home that he had found and thought would be right for us, and it was. He walked my wife and I through the whole process and helped us navigate the whole process and made the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. Thanks Mike.

~Captain Steve & Shannon L.

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